#03_ Face Tracking Technology

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What is Face Tracking Technology

Face Tracking Technology detects and tracks the presence of a human face in a digital video frame. This technology can be incorporated into computer and mobile applications, and can even be used in robotics. Face Tracking Technology can be used online or offline.

Why is Face Tracking important?

Face Tracking enables the development of technologies such as face analysis and 

facial recognition.

When it comes to face analysis, Face Tracking makes it possible to:

  • Count the number of people in a video frame or live video stream

  • Recognize facial expressions and perform sentiment analysis

  • Determine the direction in which a face is looking

  • Follow a particular face as it moves within a video stream

In the context of facial recognition, Face Tracking can give greater accuracy compared to previous biometric recognition methods like iris and fingerprint recognition. It has also proven to be more secure and harder to hack, making it increasingly important for use in security systems. It plays a powerful role, especially in applications such as access control.









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